10 Years of Sunrise Homes: Simplifying the Building Process

10 Years of Sunrise Homes: Simplifying the Building Process

December 02, 2019

As Sunrise Homes celebrates its 10 year anniversary building the highest quality new homes in the Gallatin Valley, we thought it might be nice to reflect on what makes Sunrise Homes unique and why you should consider Sunrise Homes when making your new home buying decision.

As a third-generation home builder whose family started building homes in Dillon, Montana in the early 1950’s, our founder Michael D. Stewart, learned early on the importance of providing a high-quality home at the best value in the marketplace. Mike’s grandfather and father delivered every home they built with these two simple ideas in mind and Mike has spent a career spanning over 40 years doing the same. High quality is easy to understand but what does delivering the best value really mean? When Sunrise Homes opened its business in Bozeman back in late 2009, it was Mike’s objective to deliver a home that had the most square footage for the lowest price in the Gallatin Valley. “Big Homes Small Prices” became the company tag line and that goal remains the same today. We have continued to deliver the most square footage for the lowest price in the Gallatin Valley.

Providing Options to Homebuyers

Mike also believed that another important component of being the best value was choice. Choice means providing homebuyers the ability to make their home their own by allowing them to select the design, components, and finishes to their home. In this way the home they select becomes their home. It is the addition of choice that differentiates Sunrise Homes from all other homebuilders in the Gallatin Valley. Equally important was making the home selection process easy and fun with homebuyers understanding the costs of their selections along every step of the way. With the Sunrise Homes choice program there are no hidden fees or costs. Homebuyers can complete their selections in the privacy of their own home and determine the price of their home on their own. What we aim to provide is a custom home experience at the most affordable price in the Gallatin Valley.

Making the Process Easy

To many homebuyers, the idea of designing their own home seems like a daunting task. Everyone has heard a horror story or two from friends and neighbors about building their own home. At Sunrise Homes we understand why this might scare homebuyers away and that is why Mike has spent over 25 years of his career developing the processes needed to make designing your own home easy and enjoyable. When we ask our homebuyers what they like best about Sunrise Homes, time and time again the answer we get is how easy the Sunrise Homes process is. Our onsite Design Center and professional sales and design staff are there to assist you in creating the home of your dreams.

From modest beginnings back in 2010 where we constructed 8 homes at home prices that were below $200,000 to today where we are constructing 30 – 40 homes per year at prices ranging from $350,000 to $700,000, our mission has remained unchanged. We continue to construct the highest quality homes at the best value you can find in the Gallatin Valley. In the beginning the only project we built homes in was the Gallatin Heights Subdivision in Gallatin County. Since that time we have continued to build homes in Gallatin Heights in addition to The Crossings, Loyal Gardens, Oak Springs, Meadow Creek, and Southbridge subdivisions. Our newest location that we are very excited about is the Story Creek Subdivision in Belgrade which we started this past year. In Story Creek you can get the same high quality home hundreds of buyers have purchased from us in Gallatin Heights and Bozeman for a price starting in the $350,000’s, a price that is well over $100,000 less than you could purchase a similar home in Bozeman today.

We are very humbled by the past 10 years for Sunrise Homes in the Gallatin Valley and grateful to the REALTORS, vendors, and homebuyers who believed enough in us to give us a chance back in 2009. We look forward to continuing our mission and hope that we can build the home of your dreams in 2020!

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