Carpet Upgrades - Are they worth it?

Carpet Upgrades - Are they worth it?

July 21, 2018

Carpet can make or break a home from the style, durability, to the color. We often get questions regarding the upgrade options for carpet so we thought we'd help you understand what you get when you upgrade your carpet.

CARPET?!? Really?

Gross, disgusting, eww! These are terms often used to describe carpets in older homes. Many people (often thanks to HGTV) hate carpet and think that it should be torn out and replaced with anything else. Yet, carpet has huge benefits for any family. Here are some

  1. It’s soft! Who wants to lay on hardwood? Not me, carpet allows for those fun times playing with the dog or kids without the pain.
  2. Carpet absorbs sound. Don’t let the video games interrupt your weekend nap!
  3. It’s warm. Who wants to step on a cold floor when you wake up. Carpet give you that soft and warm wake up that we all crave.

Finding the right Carpet for your family

The greatest issues people have with carpet are that they select the wrong carpet for their lifestyle. Going the standard carpet is not the correct option for a family of four with 2 dogs and an active lifestyle. This is where knowing the difference between levels allows you to make the correct choice and ensure that your carpet is beautiful year around. Here are a few things to consider when looking to upgrade.

Level 1 - These carpets are all polyester carpets. These work well for two people that are not home often or are not very active. Choose this option if you are a now shoes in the house kind of family and you don’t have any pets.

Level 2 - Polyesters get an upgrade in this level. These are are a later generation fiber, meaning that they have developed a stronger fiber that will last longer. In this level we also start introducing nylon fibers which are stronger that polyester. This level is great if your a family of 3 with a potty trained dog and some activity.

Level 3 - This level we start getting into the really plush carpets. These are both nylon or polyester and have taller piles then the previous two levels. However, the taller the pile the sooner the carpet will start look flatten. These are great for families that spend a lot of time at home. These are externally comfortable underfoot and are great for bear foot areas!

Level 4 - Our highest level of carpets offer nylon, polyester and a few other fibers that are between the two. This level is plush or berber. Berber carpets offer superior wear and will maintain their look for many years though normal traffic. However, they are not great for pets as their nails call pull on the loops and its possible to get a run in them. In these cases, plush is the way to go. Level 4 plush fabrics offer strong nylon fibers with lower emissions and better stain or color fasting warranty. These are great for almost any family.

Carpet Pads

So now that you know the levels your set! WAIT! We can’t forget carpet pad. This may be more important than the carpet itself! Carpet pads protect your subfloor, your carpet and your family. Our 8lb offer spillguard which protects moisture from entering the pad and pushes it back into the carpet where you can clean it up. With even more protection, our memory foam has two layers of water protection preventing as well as more cushion underfoot which helps to maintain your carpet but giving it the ability to literally bounce back into its proper shape.

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