Home Options You Can't Live Without

Home Options You Can't Live Without

November 23, 2019

2019 has been awesome! Our home buyers really made this year one of the best years we have had. We can't wait to keep building you more amazing homes but first, let's check out some of the options our buyers could not live without this year!

Most Popular Floor Plan

Drum Roll!!! OK it was a tie... This year it was a three way tie for first place with our 2157, 2293 and 2345 floor plans all coming in with the same number! Very popular this year were people seeking main floor living with our 2345 being the most selected single story plan. Our 2293 floor plan features a huge loft space with an optional 4th bedroom and 3rd bath. This was popular with families this year needing a little extra space and those looking for a great entertainment space!

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All those flooring upgrades!

Flooring saw some huge changes this year for Sunrise Homes. Number one area of growth? Memory foam carpet pads! They are super comfortable and we love them and apparently you do too! This option saw a huge increase this year with many buyers pairing it with our level 2 carpet to get tons of comfort without breaking the bank! We also switched our primary bathroom flooring to luxury vinyl product and many of our homeowners have loved it! We also have seen a huge growth in waterproof wood laminates. With all the crazy weather we have in Montana it is understandable that our buyers want a waterproof and durable floor and we are hear to make sure you get it!

Shockingly Electrical!

Making sure your house meets your needs is extremely important! Sunrise Homes offers tons of upgrades for your electrical and this year many people took advantage of these. We had tons of people select ceiling fans and switch up outlets to 4 plex as well as the majority of our buyers cap their pendant lights. We also saw a big jump in people wanting more exterior outlets. We have our buyers covered offering both 110V and 220V outlets to ensure their needs are met. We also have 200 Amp options for those who are running a lot of computers and appliances in their home! We are happy that our buyers look their electrical to heart this year and really ensured that their needs were met when they moved into their stunning new home.

Extra Car Space... Or Storage...

As always the most popular upgrade has been... the 3rd car garage. It's a must have for many of our buyers. The extra space it gives is can be used for a car, but many of our buyers have ended up using it to store boats, work benches, extra fridge or just that much desirable Christmas storage! Well some needed even more then that and ended up with adding our ADU options as well, most buyers kept with the 3rd car for storage space. We totally agree with this trend and try to put it on all our spec homes when we can!

Ok but what about 2020!

Sunrise is always learning from our buyers what people want to see. We are looking at a couple new options that have been requested by buyers over the this last year. Well I can't give you the inside scope just yet on what we will be offer I can tell you to stay tuned because it's gonna be good and as always, if you don't see an option you want, just ask! We are happy to consider many of the options our buyers come forward with so that we can offer the best possible experience for you!

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