Make Bozeman your next home!

Make Bozeman your next home!

June 01, 2020

Why should Bozeman and the surrounding area be your next home? Well, there are tons of reasons including great schools, a strong economy, great views and many more. Click here for our breakdown!


Family is so important in Montana and we want to make sure yours is welcome here. With family comes the importance of great schools. Bozeman and Belgrade are home to some of the best schools in the state with Bozeman High coming in at 2nd in the state. Currently, the student to teacher ratio is 16:1, and with the new high school completed, this has only improved. The old high school is also getting a massive facelift! Belgrade also features a great ratio of 15:1 with new schools also in construction! These schools offer an in-depth curriculum and a strong balance of scholastic, art, and trade classes.


"Bozeman is in its own bubble." This is a phrase you might hear with talking to a realtor about housing. And the truth is, Bozeman is in a bubble. Our economy and population have been rapidly increasing in the last few years with the city hitting over the 50,000 population mark this year. Pair this with tons of new businesses coming into town, Bozeman is growing by leaps and bounds. This means more jobs in a ton of different fields and tons of new homes to come. New businesses that started this year include

  • Crumbl Cookies
  • Glove Green Beauty
  • Moka Montana
  • Abertanos Mexican Food
  • Mazevo Coffee
  • Blended Smoothies and Shakes
  • Sporeattic
  • Jugo Bar Mexico

With the increased population also comes increased business. Bozeman has become a booming area for tech and outdoor adventures. Tech includes laser technologies, optics, start-ups, and more. This is fueled by the university system and the town is extremely supportive of new technologies. One of these tech companies includes Oracle and its 500 employees working in Bozeman. For outdoor adventure types, Bozeman is home to many jobs featuring just that. Here you can find jobs in hunting, fishing, camping, biking, skiing, rafting, and many more fields. If you have a history in Ag then you will find a ton of opportunities around Bozeman as well.


If you have not been to Bozeman and seen what we are talking about you are missing out. Surrounded on 3 sides by mountain ranges, Bozeman features amazing views from all sides. Taking a hike up the M trail will offer amazing views of Bozeman itself. Then take a short drive out to Hylite and see the amazing views to be offered there with the beautiful lake and tall peaks. One of the best times to take in the views is late June, this is when the flowers are still in bloom, the snow has almost fully melted and it's warm enough to hike without a light jacket!

If big hikes are not for you, all over Bozeman are trail systems that range from light to moderated difficulty and that can bring you all over the city and just outside. Sourdough trail is a great one for a light walk and great people to meet! Or walk the M and get amazing views of the valley well getting a great workout! Bozeman also offers a ton of parks all around the city with several large dog parks for your best friend to run around and meet the neighbors.

Food and Drinks

After a long day of hiking or skiing, the best thing to do is always a great meal and with a great drink! Bozeman is home to so many amazing places to eat with lots of variety. Some of our favorite places include -

Black Smith Italian

  • Paradise Valley Rainbow Trout Piccata, Squid Ink Tagliatelle, or a Piedmontese Beef Tenderloin with Marrow Gravy! Ok if you don't speak Italian, these are all amazing pasta dishes you must try!


  • Amazing for its wine and cocktails, they also have an amazing set of chefs who know how to cook some amazing food! This is a great place to unwind and have some great conversations with friends

Willow Creek Cafe and Saloon

  • Just a short drive out of Bozeman is the best ribs in Montana! A little more country Willow Creek Cafe and Saloon always has amazing food! Just make sure you get a reservation because these ribs sell out almost every weekend! Also, don't forget the dessert, it's always amazing!

And we could go on for days about how the steaks in Montana are better than anywhere else but that would take forever so just know, THERE IS GREAT FOOD HERE!

Give Bozeman A Try

If you are still not convinced that Bozeman is one of the best places to live, then come take a peek! Visit the Museum of the Rockies and all the amazing dinosaurs, check out the Bozeman Hot Springs, Join in on the Run to the Pub 5k for Saint Patrick day. Just come around and enjoy! Bozeman has so much to offer you and your family and we are excited to meet you.

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