Quartz Vs. Granite: Which Option Fits Your Style and Needs?

Quartz Vs. Granite: Which Option Fits Your Style and Needs?

June 27, 2018

One of the top questions I get during a Color Selection is “Why pick quartz when granite is the same price?” This can be an area of struggle for many people buying a new home because of conflicting information out there. We are here to help! Here are the two primary reasons to pick quartz over granite.

Countertop Beauty

Granite carries with it the natural beauty of stone with interesting textures, colors and finishes that change depending on the the location of the quarry. Even with the amazing technical skill that goes into producing slabs of Quartz, it’s hard to find the unexpected glimmer of natural stones that you get with granite. However, Quartz has become just as vibrant and beautiful as some granites and marbles. Our Calacatta Vicenza quartz is an amazing example of this, replicating Calacatta marble without the struggles of maintaining its pristine polish. Because Quartz is a manufactured product, great care is taken to make sure that it matches from slab to slab, allowing for perfect finishes without the possibility of a random color sneaking in, which can be a problem with natural stones. Quartz offers a clean look that will turn out exactly the way you want it.

Countertop Care & Maintenance

That beauty and unexpected glimmer of granite is also its downside. Because granite is a natural stone it has some issues with staining, and maintaining its finish. Polished granites are more resistant to this compared to their brushed versions, however, quartz beats both every time. Quartz is made from quartz crystals, binder and colorant. These binders make quartz non-porous, allowing it to be stain and bacteria resistant. Additionally, sealers are not need after installation because they are part of the product. This makes quartz countertops ideal for large families or those who are energetic in the kitchen. Just make sure you use a heating pad or trivet because quartz can be damaged by excessive heat.

So What do I pick?

Picking between granite and quartz can always be a struggle. From a designer standpoint, I would suggest not limiting yourself to one type and choosing the countertop that works best for your kitchen. If your going for a rustic natural kitchen, then granite would be the way to go in most cases. For a modern home, I would normally pick quartz as it has a cleaner look. However, keep in mind that your home is an expression of your style and don’t be afraid to blend styles.

We have also used both granite and quartz in a home to add some variety. One of my personal favorites is adding quartz countertops to the perimeter of a kitchen and using a granite for the island. This makes the island pop and brings in multiple styles that can be used throughout your house. During your color selection we will make sure that your countertops fit your design style and your family’s needs.

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