Spring is here! Check out our landscaping options from Sunrise Homes.

Spring is here! Check out our landscaping options from Sunrise Homes.

April 27, 2019

The snow has melted and the grass is growing greener, it's time to think about your landscaping. Sunrise Homes offers 4 different types of landscaping packages to ensure that your lot is covered and that we work with your budget and landscaping style.

But what is standard?

Sunrise's standard home comes rough graded but not landscaped. We offer our houses this way to allow you to ensure your landscaping is the perfect fit for you even if it is not Sunrise that does it. However, if you do bring in another landscaper in please ensure that you give them the covenants for the subdivision because there are some requirements in them about what you can and cannot do. However, if you do your landscaping through Sunrise Homes we have already taken all these into account. So lets dive into our options.

Front Yard Only

Take care of what is required first! Our front yard landscaping package takes care of what is required by the covenants within the first year of you moving in. This option includes final grading, sprinkler system for the lawn areas, Kentucky Blue Grass sod and 2 1 1/2" caliper trees. This option also includes edging around all the foundations with weed fabric and mulch or gray landscaping rock. This is a great option if you want to ensure that your home meets the requirement of the subdivision but want to go for something more custom in your back yard.

Native Landscaping Package

An amazing option for for those who don't want to have to water an entire lawn and want something a little more natural to the area. This option installs sod 25' around the parameter of the home and lets you do natural grasses on the remaining portions of your lot. This option includes a sprinkler system for the sod, edging around all foundation with mulch choices and the 2 trees required in the front.

Full Lawn Landscaping Package

All grass! This option include full sod of Kentucky Blue Grass for your entire 1/2 acre lot, the two caliper boulevard trees and a sprinkler system to keep it all green! This options does not include planter beds though. This is a great option for those who want all grass for the dogs to run around without having to worry about taking care of mulch or plants.

Premium Landscape Package

Don't want just all lawn? That's OK! Our premium landscaping package could be for you! This option includes Kentucky Blue Grass sod, and a sprinkler system. Option also includes 7 Caliper Trees including the two boulevard trees and 20 2 gallon shrubs for around the house! This is a beautiful option for those who want it done when they walk in to their new home.

Corner lot? Different sizes?

If you are on a corner lots we have that option priced out for two additional trees with sod and sprinklers to ensure that your lot is covered! If your building in a subdivision that is not one of Sunrise's standard subdivisions the pricing may change depending on your lot size. However, we are happy to custom option your landscaping to ensure that we meet the subdivisions requirements and get you the best option for your home! With spring, lets start making sure every house looks it's best!

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