Stay Toasty with Our Fireplace Options

Stay Toasty with Our Fireplace Options

February 16, 2019

Montana can get cold! Sunrise Homes of Montana knows this and has several options for fireplaces to ensure they not only look beautiful but give you just the heat when you need it.


Sunrise Homes offers two different fireplace options in our homes. First, our gas fireplace. This is a natural gas fireplace that is controlled by thermostat to ensure your meeting your heating needs without getting to warm. This can be turned off or on to ensure that your fireplace doesn't kick on when you are out of the house. This fireplace has faux logs to give it that true fireplace feel without the cleaning. Second, we offer an electric fireplace. This fireplace offers a beautiful modern ribbon style with blue and orange flames that can be toggled on or off. You can set the temperature on this unit as well or leave it without heat to just set the mood.


Sunrise offers 4 different styles of mantels to choose! Two of our styles are traditional, one is a beam with corbels and the final is a mantel with legs. These styles work well with our cabinet door options and will match the overall style of your home from craftsman to traditional to modern. All mantels come with the option of being painted or stained. We offer stains to match our cabinet styles and paints to match your trim or primary wall color. Having this as an option also allows you to do no mantel if you want to have a modern look to your fireplace.


Time to make your fireplace stand out! Sunrise Homes offers tons of options for fireplace surrounds.

No surround - WAIT WHAT! Yup! This is a super modern and clean look that many of our buyers have been selecting lately. This allows you to pick a surround later if you wanted or when not picking a mantel to hang something large over the top of the fireplace (elk head anyone). Just make sure that the item hung above the fireplace is fairly heat resistant as without a mantel the heat can start to warp some plastics.

Stone surround - Just like it sounds this is a cultured stone product that looks like huge rocks that can go around your fireplace. This style is really popular in more rustic style homes. This includes a floor level hearth of matching stone colors, a perfect spot to warm your feet or for the dog to snooze!

Tile surround - This is one of our most popular options. Price wise it comes in lower than most of the other options and offers you a ton of versatility in style. Tiles come in modern hexagons, or rustic glass and granite blends. In our model we also showcase the more modern floor to ceiling style that people are loving. We used wood looking porcelain tiles mixed with a painted mantel for a modern rustic look.

Recycled Granite - Again a very popular style. This product is created from granite that has been recycled locally and is cut into small pieces to give a beautiful almost tile like appearance. These are stacked up and create a really interesting option for fireplaces. There are many colors to pick from, many matching the granite styles that we offer for countertops. This style does project a bit from the wall itself so using the mantel with legs is suggested for this.

Wood Laminate - Now this is only for the electric fireplace option but in our model we showcase a wood laminate fireplace surround that is floor to ceiling! This is an awesome look and give the wall character well still maintaining a clean appearance. This is showcased in our model home with an electric fireplace and matches the wood floors on the main level.

Check out more styles below!

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