Different Blind?! Know the benefits of the styles we offer

Different Blind?! Know the benefits of the styles we offer

April 14, 2021

Sunrise Homes offers 4 different types of blinds to purchase with your home. Faux wood, real wood, honeycomb, and blackout rollers. Let's break down the differences between each so you can make the right choice when purchasing your next Sunrise Home.

Category 1: Faux Wood Blinds

Simply put these are fake wood blinds. The big difference between these and real wood is the price and color options. If you want white wood blinds then faux is gonna be your choice. These blinds come in 5 different colors, 2 white shades, a med, light, and gray wood stained color. They also come in at a more affordable price, lower than our other options. Faux wood is a great option for the blinds in your home and works well with most color schemes people are doing.

Category 2: Real Wood Blinds

These are just as they say. Real wood. They are beautiful and come with a ton of different stain options. These are great options if you have specific wood colors you're trying to find a near match for. They have a bit more beauty to them over the faux-stained options because they have more depth and shine to them. However, they come in at a higher price the faux. They are also not offered in white which can be limiting in some homes. Overall, a great option for homes with stained woods and a budget with some give.

Category 3. Honeycomb Blinds

Most everyone will have seen these before. These are the accordion fabric shades. These are great because they allow you to have a white blind on the exterior and a colored blind on the interior. They are also more energy-efficient, helping to keep your home at the perfect temperature during all seasons. Our options are only top/down, however, we do offer black-out options per window to allow you to make sure your bedrooms stay dark even during the early summer sun. Cost-wise they come in right around Real Wood Blinds.

Category 4. Roller Shade Package

Our newest options that we have added to our list by request from our buyers. Roller shades are amazing and we are excited to be offering black roller shade packages for our new homes. These only come in black but they offer a ton of thermal protection and are near blackout for all the rooms in the home. These are our most expensive options coming in above real wood and cellular. However, the simple look and great quality are perfect for the more clean line homes that we have been building for buyers.

Well, that's all for the blind options that we offer.

Are there any that you would like in your next home? Any that we might have missed? Sunrise is always happy to look at custom options when doing presale homes. Just contact sales below to touch base with them!

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