Why Story Creek?

Why Story Creek?

August 10, 2019

Sunrise Homes is building in Story Creek! Oh wait, you already likely knew that... but why? Here are a 4 reasons why Sunrise Homes is excited to offer you product in Story Creek!

Lot Size

Sunrise Homes has been building in the Gallatin Valley for over 10 years now! During that time we have built in several subdivisions including, Southbridge, The Crossings, and of course our primary home, Gallatin Heights. With Gallatin Heights entering it's largerest lots yet, we wanted to offer Sunrise Home buyers a chance for something a little smaller. Phase 5 of Gallatin Heights features lots sizes of 3/4 acre to 3 acres! Well this is great for some buyers it doesn't fit everyone. Story Creek, in contrast, features 6000-7000 sq. ft. lots. In Story Creek there is no need for a riding lawn mower, no need to spend a full weekend day taking care of your lawn and the weeds.


With a smaller lot comes a smaller price and smaller home options. In Gallatin Heights, our smallest home that we can offer now is our 1912, and even this home is not allowed on the 2 acre lots because it is too small. Story Creek allows us to offer smaller plans then we could in Gallatin Heights including our new 1727 plan. However, that doesn't mean we do not offer larger homes as well. Our biggest home in Story Creek is a 2919! Compared to Phase 5 of Gallatin Heights pricing, of shared models is a difference of $74,000 for the same house! With Story Creek pricing for a 2293 coming in at $364,900 starting price and Gallatin Heights at $438,900.


Want to pick your house plan? Want to select your own finishes? No problem! Sunrise is preselling Story Creek lots. There is no need to get stuck with just the spec finishes. Sunrise offers with all our homes, 12 pages of possible upgrades! These upgrades include counter tops, cabinetry, flooring, plumbing, electrical, and tons more. There is no need to stick with the builder standard. We can work with your budget and your likes and dislikes to ensure that your home turns out just the way you want it!

Location, Location, Location

"I walked up hill to school both ways in 5' of snow!" There is no need for that in Story Creek. Story Creek is only 3 - 4 blocks away from Saddle Peak Elementary School, Belgrade Middle School and Belgrade high School. Yet, these homes are far enough away from I-90 and the speedy parts of Jackrabbit to ensure that everyone stays safe. Not only that, but the Story Creek subdivision will feature several parks upon completion to ensure there are always great places to play. This development is also centrally located, with main street just down a few more blocks which features great food (Bar 3 BBQ is amazing!), and access to a ton of services! With it's location, it won't take you 20 mins to get to the store, or to the school, or even to the post office. Everything is near by and easy to access.

And tons more!

Well there are 4 reasons why Sunrise is building in Story Creek. If you want to know more about Story Creek just head down to the button below to talk with one of our sales teams about it this area and what is has to offer. If you want to see more about some of the specs we are building in Story Creek, head over to our Instagram at @sunrise.homes.mt to see current progress on all our specs, and to see staged photos as they are completed.

Want to know more about Story Creek? Want to get started on your next Story Creek Home?

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