Why you should move to Montana?

Why you should move to Montana?

December 08, 2018

Are you planning on moving? Looking for a great place to retire? Trying to get away from the craziness of the city? Here are some awesome reasons to make Montana your next home!

Why Montana?

The Last Best Place! Literally the motto of Montana says it all! Surrounded by beauty, full of adventure and occupied by some of the best people you will ever, meet Montana has a lot to offer. From Glacier National Park in the Rocky Mountains, to the golden wheat fields in the east, Montana showcases it all. Great skiing? check! Great beer? check! Great people? Double Check! Montana is sure to offer you that feeling of home that few other states can offer.

The People

Most important to Montana is the people! Montana is home to some of the warmest and most friendly people that you can meet. You will be welcome with open arms and a cup of coffee. Montana is a place where you know if you are in a crisis that your friends and neighbors will be there to help. A place where crime is low and friendship is high. Montana is a place for family and it means a lot to us. Those family ties go beyond just direct family to all our friends as well. Having grown up in Montana my entire life, I can tell you that this place is one of the best. Weather you are in the small town like White Sulfur Springs or one of our bigger towns like Bozeman or Billings the people are welcoming and friendly.

The Beauty

This part is one of our favorite parts of Montana. This state is pure beauty! If you need examples, just come take a peek! Montana offers two national parks including Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park. Both offer their own individual beauty with one showcasing stone capped mountains and some of the clearest lakes in the world. The other, Yellowstone, offers view into the beauty that is under us with amazing colors and unique landscapes created from the geysers below. Montana offers the rolling wheat fields in the east and mountains to the west, both in amazingly preserved beauty. This state features some of the most beautiful locations you will ever see.

Here are a list of some of our favorite places to visit in Montana!

  • Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks
  • The Lewis and Clark Caverns
  • Hylite Canyon
  • Chico Hot Springs
  • Egg Mountain
  • The Gates of the Mountains

The Fun

Montana doesn't just showcase that beauty on travel posts. Here, we live it. Hiking into Glacier with a guild is one of the most rewarding adventures that you can go on. The views of the wildlife and all the spring flowers is worthy of anyone bucket list. On the weekends its common to take a group of friends or family and go float down the river enjoying the views and sun well relaxing the day away. In the winter head out to one of the many hot springs around Montana and soak after a long day of skiing or snowmobiling.

The adventure doesn’t stop there, in the winter enjoy skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing, hunting, skating and snowmobiling. In the summer head out to one of the many lakes and take the boat out to go tubing, fishing, or just soak up the sun. There are also tons of hiking and mountain biking trails all around. Add to the camping for a couple weeks and your summer will be filled with a ton of fun! In town find a sports team or group and just have a blast! Montana offers all of it, even surfing (in Missoula)!

We could go on

We have talked a little but about Montana and why you should move here and we could go on about other reasons to move here, such as the amazing craft brewing in the state, the amazing colleges that are recognized nationally or the thriving business and tech industries but its better for you to visit yourself. For you next family trip come on up to Montana. Take some time to enjoy the state parks, meet all the people and learn why Montana is the best place to live in the world! We promise not to disappoint!

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