Selecting Great Kitchen Options with Sunrise Homes

Selecting Great Kitchen Options with Sunrise Homes

October 17, 2019

The heart of the home. Kitchens are so important and Sunrise is here to help you find fantastic options to meet your kitchen needs!


If you have been looking into Sunrise Homes then you may know a bit about our process. For those who are new here, welcome! Sunrise Homes is a new home builder in Bozeman, Montana. Our process includes selecting your lot, floor plan and optional upgrades from a rather long list that we provide. Today we are going to go over parts of the list pertaining to kitchens to make it easier for you when selecting your options for your home. So lets dive in!


The first part I want to talk about is appliances. Sunrise has a great blog on this topic which you can read by click on the button at the bottom of this section. But today we are going to focus on finishes. For our standard package, we offer black or white options with our electric range, dishwasher and microwave. Upgrading gets you stainless steel options and black stainless as well! Black stainless has been very popular lately because it doesn't show finger prints as much as even the finger print resistant stainless and looks great with a lot of options. Stainless steel itself is still our most popular though. This is always a great option and a must have for most buyers. Just make sure that if you are shopping for your fridge on your own, that you are getting ones with matching handles to ensure a uniform look.

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Cabinet Finish

Our standard cabinets are great. They are so great that the majority of our buyers tend to stick with them through their buying process. There are 3 wood styles available in my standard cabinets and the first 3 levels; birch, rustic birch and red oak. This photo shows just one of the 4 stains that come included with the standard house. However, if your looking for that elegant raised panel look or white cabinets, that means we are gonna have to upgrade. Level 2 adds raised panel and several different colors of stain. Level 2 gets you dark stains, including gray, mocha, as well as a near black stain. To get white cabinets you will need to jump to level 3. Level 3 adds 3 white paints colors; white, pearl and oyster. Beyond this, going up to level 4 upgrades you to a different cabinet all together. This cabinet is more durable with thicker box construction. Level 4 also opens up a ton of options for you with finishes. Level 4 adds wood species in paint grade maple (painted only), birch, beech, hickory, alder, and oak. This level also includes additional stains and paint colors including black and navy!


Why is backsplash before countertops? Well its more important visually because it is the first think you see when walking into a kitchen. All our countertops come standard with a 4" backsplash of the same material. Upgrading unlocks tile backsplash options. We have 3 different options in tile backsplash including, subway, subway and an accent tile, and all accent tiles. Adding a little sparkle here with a 6" accent tile mixed in with subway tiles is a great way to make your kitchen shine. Subway is also wonderful and classic. Mixing white subway tiles with black grout gives the space a wonderful modern look without feeling too edgy. Our accent tiles range from classic to modern in style with options mostly in the neutral color range.


Countertops are often one of the most debated upgrades in our houses. Our standard house comes with laminate countertops included. These are great for some families but others often want to upgrade to a more durable material. We offer 3 different materials when upgrading beyond the standard laminate. These are granite, quartz, and solid surface. For the difference between granite and quartz head over to our blog with the link at the bottom of this section. Each material comes with different properties and different colors. For kitchens I tend to suggest avoiding solid surface as it can stain and scratch easier then the other materials. When it comes to selecting between all materials, first take into account your budget. Most of our buyers will stick with a level 1 or 2 countertop to ensure that they are budget friendly. In these levels as well as my other levels I have several options to select with colors ranging from grays, to whites, to creams and golds and even dark gray almost black.

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Cabinet Hardware

Most great kitchen designers will get really excited when picking out cabinet hardware. Cabinet hardware is the jewelry of the kitchen and really adds the finishing touches. Sunrise offers 4 different finishes in our cabinet hardware, brushed nickle, oil-rubbed bronze, matte black and chrome. Styles range from knobs, pulls, and cup handles in modern, transitional and traditional styles. There are 3 different purchasing options for hardware; knobs only, handles only, and knobs on doors/handles on drawers. Our most popular option has been knobs on doors/handles on drawers. This saves you a little money and also gives your kitchen some interest by changing the look of your doors vs. your drawers. It's also important to always test the handles before you buy them. At our design center you can test out all the handles we offer to see which one feels the best in your hand.

Faucet and Sink

One of the best part of any kitchen is a fantastic sink and faucet. Sunrise offers many different options when it comes to sinks and faucets, but lets break it down! First, the standard. With our standard laminate countertops, we offer a 8" 50/50 stainless steel drop-in sink and Moen's Integra faucet. By upgrading to granite, quartz or solid surface you unlock the 10" under-mount options Sunrise has. Solid surface includes the option for an integrated white sink as well as with quartz and granite the stainless steel under-mount options in a 50/50, 60/40, or single bowl option. Sunrise also offers two different farm sinks in stainless steel or porcelain. For faucets, sunrise offers several different styles of faucet upgrades. Our faucet styles include Moen's Sleek, Brantford, Arbor, and Align. These style range from traditional to modern with the Align sporting a semi-pro look. All of them feature pull down functions and spray heads.


Lighting is key to any space. This is more true in the kitchen and bathroom then any other space. Good lighting prevents accidents and helps ensure that your safety and comfort in the space is upheld. To ensure you have ample light, Sunrise offers in our include options a kitchen can package for every kitchen. This can range from 4 to 6 cans depending on your layout. Beyond that we also include a ceiling mount over the sink for ample task lighting. Additional lighting options for the kitchen include pendant options over the island, under-cabinet lighting and dining chandlers. Not ready to pick your pendants? Don't worry we are also offer an option to cap and switch the pendants so you can take your time in finding the perfect style for your home. Although, I must say we have some amazing pendant options.


Yup, we still need to pick out island style and floors. For floors, read up on our blog "Wood Floors for Your Montana Lifestyle" (button below this section) to learn about our different options we offer and what might work best for your family. For island, stay tuned! We will be posting a new blog about our island options soon!

If you have any questions about our process or just would like to see some of our homes in person please feel free to connect with us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and are excited to build you your next home in Gallatin Valley.

If you would like more information on Sunrise Home's options, or to take a tour of one of our many floor plans; please feel free to hit the button below to connect with one of our sales representatives.

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